Phil’s Sliders

January 5, 2012

Phil’s Sliders is a new burger place that opened last year here in Berkeley on Shattuck between Addison and University – two doors down from the Half Price Books. It’s a smallish spot, some would call cozy, with a community chalkboard covering the bottom half of the left wall and a bare brick wall on […]

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Cooking Blog for Food Allergy Sufferers

December 30, 2011

While the RoboGourmet does not suffer from food allergies, aside from a mild dairy intolerance and a mild reaction to cantaloupe, he understands that others do, and recommends that they check out his friend Jenney’s new blog at First recipe is a tasty looking Chocolate Stout Cake with Cointreau Ganache!

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Ma Po Tofu

December 7, 2011

Ma po tofu is an old Chinese classic, originating from Szechuan cuisine, and is basically a spicy tofu and ground pork dish. It’s typically spooned over steamed rice and is great on a cold winter day. The flavor palette is spicy, garlicky, and meaty, with the textural contrast of the almost crispy pork against the […]

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Using and Maintaining Cast Iron

November 21, 2011

Cast iron cookware provides a cooking surface with great heat retention properties and typically is fairly cheap. And seasoned properly, this surface can be fairly non-stick as well – not as good as Teflon, but with a bit of care, able to release delicate fish filets and eggs. The key phrase here is “seasoned properly.” […]

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Inside the RG Kitchen: Pans

November 20, 2011

Pans are the primary cooking device in most kitchens and mine is no different. I have three primary pans and some special use pans. And though they are called “saucepans,” they are really more like pots than pans (and aren’t good for saucemaking either), so I’ll leave those out. I’ll be skipping roasting pans as […]

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Speeding Up MATLAB

August 19, 2011

MATLAB is a great environment to quickly prototype scientific algorithms, especially with interactive debugging, decent data plotting facilities, dynamic typing, and all the built-in toolboxes. However, it’s definitely pretty slow when it comes to code-execution performance compared to, well, almost every other language out there. This is largely because MATLAB is an interpreted language – that […]

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Olloclip – Removable Lenses for the iPhone 4

August 10, 2011

For a smartphone, the iPhone 4 has a pretty decent camera, with a backside-illuminated 5MP sensor and a fast fixed-aperture f/2.8 lens. Compared to it’s contemporaries, it’s held up pretty well. The image quality is good enough that I typically don’t bother lugging my point and shoot around for most casual events and only step […]

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August 1, 2011

Last year I went to Switzerland for a conference where I learned about the wonders of Rösti and efficient public transport. But above all, I learned about the Swiss and cheese. I’m always hearing about how Americans are known for putting cheese on everything, but I’m pretty sure the Swiss take the (cheese)cake. They dunk […]

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MATLAB MAT file 2GB limit

July 25, 2011

Got an “error closing file” today while saving a very large MAT file in MATLAB. I’ve been dumping my workspace into a MAT file at different stages of a very large computation for debugging purposes and today it broke. It seems that even though I’m running MATLAB 7.9.0 (R2009b), the default is to save MAT […]

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Laptop RAID Performance Degradation On Battery

June 23, 2011

At work, we are developing a indoor modeling backpack system which is carried by a person through building interiors. Using cameras, lasers, and an IMU, we can reconstruct the 3D model of the areas the person walked through. The data is currently captured with a laptop outfitted with three hard drives in a RAID 0 […]

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