Cooking Gear

Using and Maintaining Cast Iron

November 21, 2011

Cast iron cookware provides a cooking surface with great heat retention properties and typically is fairly cheap. And seasoned properly, this surface can be fairly non-stick as well – not as good as Teflon, but with a bit of care, able to release delicate fish filets and eggs. The key phrase here is “seasoned properly.” […]

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Inside the RG Kitchen: Pans

November 20, 2011

Pans are the primary cooking device in most kitchens and mine is no different. I have three primary pans and some special use pans. And though they are called “saucepans,” they are really more like pots than pans (and aren’t good for saucemaking either), so I’ll leave those out. I’ll be skipping roasting pans as […]

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August 1, 2011

Last year I went to Switzerland for a conference where I learned about the wonders of Rösti and efficient public transport. But above all, I learned about the Swiss and cheese. I’m always hearing about how Americans are known for putting cheese on everything, but I’m pretty sure the Swiss take the (cheese)cake. They dunk […]

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Rediscovered: The Humble Can Punch

February 21, 2011

While cleaning out my apartment the other day, I tripped across a stash of my old photography supplies for manual B/W film processing. In that pile, I found a standard-issue can punch/bottle opener that I had used to pry open film canisters in the darkroom. I cleaned it off and dismissively tossed it into a […]

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My First Le Creuset

June 23, 2010

Heading back to the San Francisco Bay Area this weekend, I happened to spot a sign for a Le Creuset store at the Gilroy Outlets. Now, I’m not your typical shopping/outlets kind of guy, but I had no idea that Le Creuset outlets existed! Needless to say, after pinning down the location with my trusty […]

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Lodge Logic Grill Pan and Panini Press

May 24, 2010

I recently purchased a Lodge Logic Pre-Seasoned Square Grill Pan and the matching Panini Press after getting a hankering for some panini. I also I thought that it’d also be great to do some indoor grilling for quick meals where breaking out the charcoal grill is just too much work. Le Creuset sells a beautiful […]

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