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Cleaning Dial Complete Foaming Soap Dispensers

I’ve been using Dial Complete foaming hand soap dispensers for a few years now, and I’ve just been refilling my original dispensers. Recently, their output has been a bit anemic and has seemed to require a bit more force to get soap out. I suspect that the soap tends to dry out and build up inside the pump over time, clogging up the works.

I’d originally planned to disassemble the pump to clean it, but as I could not immediately take it apart, I tried running some hot water through it. I took the pump off the bottle, filled a sink full of hot water, and pumped that through the dispenser – there was quite a bit of soap in there as I pumping for a few minutes and never got just water coming out. Still, at the end of it the pump was working better and I was getting much more throughput. I pulled the pump out of the water, pumped it dry, then put it back on the bottle. And voila – it was working like new.

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  • rich November 25, 2012, 9:51 am

    I am having problems with my system also. Can’t figure how to get the cover off of the main assembly. Any suggestions? Thanks

  • RoboGourmet November 25, 2012, 12:07 pm

    Rich – I’ve never actually disassembled the dispenser, aside from removing the entire pump from the bottle, which is just a twist and unscrew. Grab it by the collar where it meets the bottle and twist.

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